Student Testimonials

What students are saying…

“The CTA training with Colleen met my expectations. Colleen is knowledgeable of the modality she teaches and practices. I am an Akashic Record Practitioner and I was very impress by a client I had who had received a CTA and found out that the blocks and restrictions in her records from past lives were gone.  This made me fly from Puerto Rico to Connecticut in a blink.  I want my clients to have alternatives to improve their lives and I know CTA definitely will help them.” – Marilyn Vega, PR 2012

“My experience with Cranial Temple Activation goes beyond words.  It is something that is still amazing me in every single area of my life. I’m rediscovering a New Me in every single step I take on my path. It awakened a new Extraordinary Me that was hidden in the darkest of my Ego. Now, everywhere I go I bring not only a New Me but CTA with me! I have become an extraordinary Transformational Leader,  an amazing guiding LIGHT for those in need. I found CTA to be an incredible practice for those that would like to become the change they would like to see in the world, for it awakens the Spiritual impulse in the heart and mind of individuals trapped in the shadows of a fake self. I Am who I Am, a NEW ME because of CTA. Now I live my New Life in a permanent state of gratitude with you, Colleen, for being a conduit of such an extraordinary energy healing modality, which I found to be a mere reflection of Who You Are! My deepest Gratitude  – Brenda Marie Cartagena, PR

“Give yourself the gift of becoming a certified Cranial Temple Activation Practitioner – the content of the class is truly different in its originality & will leave you completely uplifted!  If you you are ready for the next level of your journey & want to experience a weekend being “bathed ” in the light, raising your vibration & increasing your awareness this is the path for you…a spiritual spa for the soul.  I am going to embrace the positive changes coming my way in 2012!  Thank you Colleen!!” ~ Pam, CT 2012

“To say that meeting Colleen and being intiated into the CTA was life changing, would be an understatement.  I can’t even express in words how grateful I am to Colleen and to the Universe for sharing the Cranial Temple Activation with us all.  I can promise you,  that if you participate in the class, or even get activated,  your life will never be the same again.  This modality aligns you with your reason for being, and what could be greater than that?” ~ Jean, PA 2012

” I took this life changing class in Jan of 2012 and it is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable class I have ever taken. Colleen has been blessed with a gift that she so willingly shares and works with each student until they are confident to do the activation on their own. The L.I.G.H.T. body energy  is simply beautiful!  I highly recommend the Cranial Temple Activationä course for anyone wishing to enhance their own spiritual development and help others open up to a higher consciousness.” ~ Sheila Scalise, CT 2012

“I would like to express how happy I’ve felt since I started the cranial temple activation. I feel many changes in my life, for example: more spaces between thoughts, I feel very peaceful, I feel the energy moving throughout my body, and my meditation’s are more effective. When I activate a person I feel I’m activating myself and feel a lot of light in me. The experiences of the persons I have had the pleasure to activate have been great. They see colors and feel like their head is expanding while I am doing the activation. I feel very blessed by this tool the universe has placed in my way and I’ll be forever grateful to you.” – Rocio Garcia, PR 2012

“I attended the Pineal Gland Activation training offered by Colleen. It was a wonderful experience, the class was very informative and I am now part of the first wave of Pineal Gland Facilitators in our region. The activations have created a sense of peace and wellness for me. I so recommend the class and highly endorse the activation. Try it for yourself!” ~Robin Clare, CT 2010

“I had the opportunity to attend the PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION CERTIFICATION class at the Spirit of Light Wellness Studio in June, 2010. Colleen projected an outward resemblance of her kindness and openness. Not only did she show excitement and full commitment to what she was sharing, but also set a tone for an environment which ‘allowed for’ individual as well as group expansion. I would highly recommend pursuing this Certification as well as other offerings provided through Colleen.” ~Dr. Bruce LaPine, Millbury, MA 2010

“This is very highly evolved material we are learning here. It feels confirming and affirming; everything I have taken has led up to this.” ~Alex, PA 2010

“I have taken many classes/workshops throughout my journey… Yours was one of the best I have taken…So thank you! I had lost my passion for healing, but this modality has inspired me to revive my practice. Can’t wait to see where it will take me.” ~Nora, PA 2011

“I think this is the most profound energy class and experience I have ever had. {While receiving the activation}, my mother came through and it was beautiful. It’s a beautiful, beautiful energy, and it’s the client’s energy {we’re using}.” ~Judy, PA 2010

“I thought I was coming to understand the pineal activation, but I learned something I can use to help people; friends and people I know who are suffering and stuck. This modality offers hope.” ~Dilek, CT 2011

“I now feel grounded. It feels right to be where I am and in my body. As someone with my abusive history, I now feel whole and don’t feel the need to be ‘out of my body escaping.’ I like being in and with me now.” ~Joanne, CT 2011

“My eyes have been changing since the activation. I had my eye exam today–my stigmatism is gone and my script went from Right 3.25, Left -4.5 (that is a negative 4.5) to 3.00 in both eyes!!!! Wonderful! I really needed to share – I went grocery shopping after my exam and I had to refrain from shouting it over the loud speaker! In gratitude. Blessings.” ~Julia, PA 2010

“I cannot thank you enough for the gift of connecting on a sacred level; connecting through the eyes with another human being is such a gift.” ~Casey, CT 2010