CTA™ Certification Course Level 1 & 2

Want to Facilitate the Most Recent SHIFT IN HUMANITY?
Come Learn the Modality That is CHANGING THE WORLD!

This class is an amazing experience that can enhance your life whether you choose to activate others as an addition to your existing healing practice, use as a modality on its own or simply activate friends and family. This work is life-changing on a cellular level and lays the groundwork for the New Human Template™, the next stage of humanity’s evolution in preparing for the planetary shift already in process. The Cranial Temple Activation™ has a ripple effect on your life and those around you.

Cranial Temple Activation™ Certification Course

Colleen Morgan, Certified Instructor, brings to us the Cranial Temple Activation Certification Course, a state of the art, revolutionary System of Activation. The Cranial Temple Activation™ (CTA) is a powerful energy modality that is grounded in the body using the Pineal Gland (gateway) to engage the spirit. This energy is considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans.

This work centers around portions of the Endocrine System with a primary focus on the mysterious, yet powerful Pineal Gland. The Cranial Temple (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus) holds energy to support patterns in our body to anchor LIGHT for the restructuring of our DNA. When activated, our consciousness is re-calibrated to the likeness of our L.I.G.H.T.body™, guiding us to our next stage of personal evolution.

The Cranial Temple(Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus) holds energy to support patterns in our body for the restructuring of our DNA. Within the Pineal Gland is the Master Cell. This cell holds the DNA and genetic code for the individual and when energetic changes are made to the Master Cell, it is then replicated to ALL of the DNA and genetic code in the body.

During the workshop weekend each participant will give and receive several Activations. Please note this class requires physical mobility.


Learn how to:

Activate The Cranial Temple™ (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus) and the High Heart Crystal (Thymus) – Activating these glands facilitates the output of spiritual elements of each gland.

Activate The 5 Bodies of L.I.G.H.T.™ – Love, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility and Truth…Creating Miracles  – There are 5 bodies of light that, when activated, have the ability to create miracles in our life. These miracles are not subject to just one area of our life. In fact the miracles stretch across all areas of our life in relationships, career, finances, health, spirituality, etc. This is because the miracle happens within you. The miracle becomes you. When we live our life rooted in L.I.G.H.T. we become Certain, Capable, Self Authoritative, Present and Miraculous.

Re-Structure the Endocrine System as a Portal for L.I.G.H.T. – Re-pattern your cells with the consciousness of the L.I.G.H.T.body™.

Access the GEM Body – Our body is comprised of geometric shapes, electrical currents and magnetic grids. Explore healing from this perspective.

Connect To a New Circuitry System – In order to evolve we have to “hook up” to a new circuitry system. The best way to do this is through the brain’s biochemistry. The brain is electric in nature and encompasses all that is necessary to make the connection. The Pineal Gland is THE KEY to activating the necessary environment in the chemical body to override old flow time by activating the water molecules inside and creating a matrix of energy to flip the molecules inside out to open the channel to make this connection.

What this course will cover:

The GEM Body
Axiatonal Lines
Bio & Metaphysical Functions of the Endocrine System
Activating the Psychic Body
Pineal Gland’s Crystal Matrix
Re-Calibrating to Our L.I.G.H.T.body™
The Pineal Gland and the Master Cell
The New Human Template™
Toroidal Field
The 5 Bodies of L.I.G.H.T.™
Activating the Source Matrix
Being a Modern Day Healer
“God” Eyes


Install 13 Crystal Discs – You will be introduced to new frequencies and subtle energies that are part of the ascension process. These energies are encoded on etheric crystal discs that hold inter-dimensional information. They are programmed with information that connects us to our true DNA, our blueprint, our sacred self and prepares the physical body to anchor Higher Consciousness.

Release the 8 Original Cells – The coccyx holds our 8 original cells. Learn how to  release the energy of these cells to help strengthen our connection to the Source Matrix.

Activate the Heart Seed – The Heart Seed is that 1% of us that is unique. It is that part of us that we have known, and have often hidden, since childhood. It is an essential part of us that carries our innate wisdom and abilities to effect change and be of service to the planet and humanity as we continue our journey through this current evolutionary change. The Heart Seed is located in the Sacred Heart. The new energies are calling us to “eject” our Wounded Heart “discs” and start living from the Sacred Heart.

What this course will cover:

Review of Level 1
13 Crystal Discs In Detail
The Coccyx
8 Original Cells
Electrical Current in the Spine
Rings of Expanded Consciousness
The Heart Seed
The Crystal Matrix

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Please note that you do not have to be a practitioner to take this class. While the class does prepare you to be a practitioner of this modality, the initiation into the Activation that takes place over the weekend is very intense. The material this course offers is life changing and Spiritually Enlightening.