Client Testimonials

What clients are saying…..

“Personally, CTA has changed me; now I am happier, peaceful, don’t procrastinate, live more in the present and manifest faster. I feel my connection with my higher self and follow the voice inside of me and everything is going as I want. I know I have stepped into my power being a better me.

~ Marilyn Vega, PR

“I am forever grateful to you and the Universe for sharing your gift with me, it has truly changed my life.”

~ Jean, PA

“The CTA session with Colleen Morgan was a profound experience. I was in the midst of a personal crisis. Within a few days, despite the ongoing chaos in my life, I acquired a clarity of purpose that had eluded me for some time. Finally, I understood what it meant to stand in my power and choose. . .choose my next thoughts, my next actions, my next words…. To choose my life. Five months later, the guidance and clarity I received during PA remains a strong and vital part of who I am and how I choose to be in the world. Pineal Activation elevates you into your incredible lightness of being—you evolve from within, the effects are felt in every realm of your life.”

~Karen M. Rider, CT

“My daughter is doing so GREAT since the CTA last month!! She seems to be peaceful and very happy now!! Before the activation she was always mad at my son and always argued with me for anything. After the Activation she has changed dramatically!! She’s more aware of things and very pleasant to be with!! It’s really amazing how her consciousness level has risen in such a short period of time! Due to that amazing change; our family relationship have improved and I can’t thank you enough for that!”

~Brenda, CT

“Since my activation I have experienced an increased energy level after a few days. I have to tell you something amazing: I’ve been on ADHD meds for 6 years now (which I don’t tell many people) and within the first day of the Activation I had to cut my dose in half! Since then I have been weaning down, so I am finally coming off them. I am absolutely amazed because I feel more alert and energized, which any other time I have tried to reduce my meds I’ve had withdrawals of being tired and scattered. Thanks!”

~Jessica, CT

“Since my activation there has been a gradual unfolding of serenity in all areas of my life. I am able to create balance now because the worrisome and fearful energy that used to clog my thoughts has dissipated. I realize that I am able to live more and more without expectation or judgment of any person or situation. I am attracting people and tools that allow for my self-improvement and evolution, which is bringing so much abundance into my life; I put a wish out to the Universe and it simply comes true. I am continually baffled, but am just going with the flow and trusting. I am truly a new person and, for once in my life, look forward to my future.”

~Josephine, CT

“Since my activation,my life has changed tremendously. All the things I had been saying I wanted for the previous 6 months started to come to fruition. Additionally, I found myself experiencing more clarity. Fear now shows up as an opportunity to grow, not as a situation for me to run from. I am so glad I had the activation. I look forward to everyday like I never have before.”

~Martin, CT