Benefits of Activation


The Cranial Temple Activation:

  • Awakens ones natural Psychic abilities
  • Assists in the Evolution of the Unified Brain
  • Creates a more “holistic” way of thinking
  • Expands ones cellular structure to anchor more light in the physical body
  • Generates direct communication with the Universe
  • Holds the key to accessing information held in Universal Consciousness
  • Opens the door to one’s highest potential of living, thinking and being

CRANIAL TEMPLE ACTIVATIONTM (CTA) is a powerful energy modality that is grounded in the body using the Pineal Gland (gateway) to engage the spirit. For those of you who desire to live a life of significance, to claim a territory of consciousness, to become adept within it, and to embark on a trail of higher consciousness….. this is the key.

The Cranial Temple (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus) holds energy to support patterns in our body to anchor the LIGHT for the restructuring of our DNA. Within the Pineal Gland is the Master Cell. This cell holds the DNA and genetic code for the individual and when energetic changes are made to the Master Cell, it is then replicated to ALL of the DNA and genetic code in the body. When activated, our consciousness is re-calibrated to the likeness of our L.I.G.H.T.bodyTM, guiding us to our next stage of personal evolution.

In Peson Sessions with Colleen – $200
Distant Sessions with Colleen –    $150