Cranial Temple Activation™

“Cranial Temple Activation: Activating Source Matrix, the one true body of Sacred Geometry, colors and shapes, vibrating rhythms and Sacred Tones that speak a Universal Language of Oneness, remembering the Ancient Wisdom of empowerment that encourages us to be still, awakening the portal of existence, alive with balance and passion, clarity and knowing. For in this we become of service, true to our purpose. I AM THAT, I AM.” – Colleen

Cranial Temple Activation™ (CTA) is a powerful energy modality that is grounded in the body using your Pineal Gland (gateway) to engage the spirit. CTA™ works on the endocrine system and the brain, however it specifically focuses on activating the pineal gland which was first documented as the seat of the soul by Descartes before 1637. It is considered to be the third eye in both historical and contemporary comparative traditions and healing systems.

The Cranial Temple (Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus) holds energy to support patterns in our body to anchor the LIGHT for the restructuring of our DNA with the new geometry of higher consciousness. When activated, our consciousness is re-calibrated to the likeness of our L.I.G.H.T.body™. Our L.I.G.H.T.body, which runs through the pranic tube, is the Matrix of Creation and our connection to Source Energy, a universal intelligence of interconnectedness and harmony. CTA works with the entire endocrine system, re-activating and awakening both the Cranial Temple and the Thymus Gland, whose primary job is to continually remind our body of its idealized Blueprint and holds the keys to our Life Purpose. Your Master Cell, or Master DNA cell, is stored within the Pineal Gland and creates all new cells in the body, and this is where all information regarding cell generation is contained. The Master Cell contains the cell nucleus, chromosomes, DNA helix strands, codons and light-encoded filaments (LEFs). The new geometry of consciousness is patterned in the cells of the Master Cell through the Pineal Gland after the Activation.

CTA is a one-time activation that can be supported with a few simple tools in order to maintain a vibration at the highest frequency possible. Whether you are a practitioner looking to expand your skills or practice, or someone who is looking for realignment within themselves in order to tap into or reawaken your innate wisdom and life purpose, CTA promises a powerful means in which to achieve this.

“We can learn to become great navigators of life, speak the language of the Universe and know where we are going, even when we don’t recognize where we are.” ~Colleen Morgan