Group LIGHTCode™ Activation

Remote ONLY


Why NOW?

2012 was the year that ended the “old way”. The end days of 2012 were prophesied for years and there was much hype built around what it all meant. Those days have come and gone and now we are entering the “new energy” of 2013. We have lots of Universal energy coming in at this time, building the threshold to support the anchoring of LIGHT in the physical body. The Grids are lit up and streaming high vibrational frequencies!!! Use this activation to align yourself to the Grids.Activate portions of your Pineal Gland and Sacred Heart (we are going to be grounding this magnetic energy as well) with each session and hook up to the Crystal Grids. If you are feeling like you are ready to take that next step in your evolution, ready for BIG change and awaken to your purpose, NOW is the time.

So what is happening?
Right now on our planet and in the Grids surrounding our planet (as well as those anchored within) there is an evolutionary change happening. The Magnetic Fields are lightening, due to the shifting of these fields, allowing the conscious mind to tap into stronger states of awareness. Some call it a shift in consciousness, 5th dimension, ascension, etc. regardless what you call it, it is happening. Jan-March 2013 began the pulse, the collection of energy waves from the higher dimensional realms through other star systems via the Light Grids.


Now comes the rain.


Light Codes will be raining on us all year long. This is beginning this month and will continue throughout the year anchoring the Light Codes into the Grids (Crystal Grids, Magnetic Grids, Light Grids, Earth Meridian Grids, Water Grids, Mineral Grids, etc) including our own personal Source Matrix Grid that is dormant in many of us. This Grid, when activated, opens a two way flow of information between us and Source. Some people understand this as psychic ability or channeling ability but it is so much more than that. We are already “wired” with a Matrix to evolve, this “wiring” is activated through the Light Codes. So one can only activate at a rate that they receive the codes. 

“Every electron has a mathematical counterpart of Light which establishes a Light threshold which survives the body. By measuring the wave form of this Light threshold, the Higher Evolution can recode the consciousness state of a human being who is continually in states of flux and unstable equilibrium. Also by energizing magneto-gravitational fields around your body, your molecular structure can be changed and your body reconstituted on another wavelength of light. Every molecule within the body continually projects light pulses which build up a light code structure which is beyond the physical relativity. This code structure is used to reshape the next program of consciousness evolution.”
We will be doing these activations (2x per month, do as many as you can!) all year, as each time we open to receive the Codes, we “turn on” more of the Codes within our patterning, thus initiating higher states of consciousness.


How do the Codes work on a person level?


Light Codes are made up of shapes, sound vibration, numerical ratios and color. We each have our own patterning of Codes that makes up our essence (that part of the person you “read” or see as unique). Our pain body has a different code pattern than our energy body. Our Heart has a different Light Code pattern than our Brain and so on. When we meet people it is our Codes that are activating and reading each other. Some people activate codes in us from other lifetimes or star systems that are dormant and we get excited and want to be with them, others activate codes in our pain body and we may experience discomfort and want to run from them. The light codes literally re-pattern us to change over (or evolve) from our conditioned state of “3D human being” to our LIGHT essence, God self, Source being. In this state of being we are able to live more fully from our true essence of Oneness and heart-centeredness, thus being more in alignment with the current planetary and star shifts, putting an end to dualistic consciousness.

What is happening during a LIGHTCode™ session?


My guides have opened me to receive and direct the Light Code rain to large groups on the planet for grounding not only in the physical body, but also into the Grids. As each of us receives the codes, we are activating more of the Source Matrix within our own physical body and the planet. This is what is needed to anchor LIGHT in the physical. Heaven on Earth. We are all being called to awaken to a more heart-centered consciousness at this time. A planet based in LIGHT (Love, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility and Truth).

During the session we will be opening our personal GEM Body and that of the Earth and setting the Grid points based on our location. Each of our bodies will serve as an anchor receiving the Divine LIGHTCodes™ for the planet as well as for ourselves. Symbols, shapes, colors and sounds will be streaming in and around us. The Meridian Systems of the Earth and our physical bodies will be lit up and activated, receiving the downloads streaming in. You may feel the “raining” of energy as your body re-sets to the new coding software.

** Upon registration you will receive a Session Prep-sheet to help you prepare for the session. This is a remote session, you will need to schedule quiet time to be sitting or laying (or sleeping) during the session. No phone, or internet is required. We will be connecting via the Grids. Within 24 hours after the session you will receive a session report detailing what areas of your body were treated or “coded” during the session as well as what region of the world we were anchoring the codes.


Read some LIGHTCode stories here:

“My life has changed on so many levels it’s hard to keep it to a paragraph. The most profound and obvious to me has been in physical body or I like to say, my “toxic body”! I was led to this site by the grace of God and very rapidly shifts began to happen inside myself on an unconscious level. I have had chronic pain for nearly 20 years after being hit by drunk driver and suffered multiple disc herniations and surgeries medications…after 2 sessions I noticed so much relief in my head pain that I started weaning from meds and within a months time and md supervision I was off all!

Same with diet, I just really want to eat healthy too! That is a large shift for me. But it happened without me wanting it! I’ve lost 50 lbs ( not complaining) I am in the best physical shape in my life and it just happened from within. I see my energetic body so much now and I feel the parameters of both physical and energetic. I believe it has opened up meridians in me that have been blocked for many life times. My consciousness has expanded many times over as well. During sessions, I usually feel the rush of energy as we connect to each other and then the areas of the body that are being worked on. I don’t understand all of what’s happening, but after I read the report the following day I always feel it resonates on such a deep level that I do not question. I just continue to pray that spirit leads me. Namaste – JT

“My experience has been subtle and profound. From the beginning I felt my heart center opening up further, my senses are more acute, comprehension is deeper, and I have an overall sense of peace, a deep feeling of gratitude, hope, clearer vision, and a strong sense of who I AM. I feel that I am a part of the Christ Consciousness and I am anchoring light codes and frequencies.” TH

“Since beginning in the Spring, my husband and I moved to a new location. I no longer have a long commute to my job and his daughter got her own apartment. Our arguments are less frequent and shorter. I feel the LIGHT codes I am receiving benefit my husband. The changes in my cells affect his cells. My husband has stage 4 cancer and cannot afford to pay for treatment. God is supporting me in letting go of fear so that I can be used as a conduit of love, compassion and healing. The Universe is supporting me in surrendering to God so that I can experience love at its highest level. I understand now that my strength is in my vulnerability. I am very thankful for the miracles and blessings in my life.” CG

“I have found that I am MUCH more aware of my words especially. Judgements, criticism, even if subtle. I make more loving and conscious choices when I may be engaged in verbal communication with my boyfriend. I find myself thinking before I speak. I FEEL more in my heart within my own emotions. I SEE clearer, esoterically. I find myself looking at others and mentally saying , “I am that, I am”. My meditations are deeper and more centered. I LOVE this work!!!! And on a side note, it just cracks me up that I come wooshing back at 9:27-9:28 every time from the depths of meditation on those Tues nights! Too funny.” LN