Personal LIGHTCode™ Activation

$150 – Remote Only

Like the group LIGHTCode activations that Colleen takes us on, personal LIGHTCode™ sessions take it one step further.  Along with her guides, Colleen moves through your body, assessing, clearing, repairing and reconnecting your energy field in order to re-establish the flow and raise your vibration.  In layman’s terms, you will see where you have been held back and why.  You will release things that no longer serve your life’s purpose and activate other aspects of yourself in order to reach your highest potential.  You are then given clear instructions on how to do that from a comprehensive and detailed report that follows. This is a powerful modality if you are currently having physical, mental or emotional setbacks or are stuck in a long, frustrating holding pattern and need answers.  Colleen will provide the insight that you are looking for.

Light Codes are made up of shapes, sound vibration, numerical ratios and color. We each have our own patterning of Codes that makes up our essence (that part of the person you “read” or see as unique). Our pain body has a different code pattern than our energy body. Our Heart has a different Light Code pattern than our Brain and so on. When we meet people it is our Codes that are activating and reading each other. Some people activate codes in us from other lifetimes or star systems that are dormant and we get excited and want to be with them, others activate codes in our pain body and we may experience discomfort and want to run from them. The light codes literally re-pattern us to change over (or evolve) from our conditioned state of “3D human being” to our LIGHT essence, God self, Source being. In this state of being we are able to live more fully from our true essence of Oneness and heart-centeredness, thus being more in alignment with the current planetary and star shifts, putting an end to dualistic consciousness.