CTA Private Session

In-Person Session with Colleen – $200
1 hr available in Wallingford, CT or West Hartford, CT

Distant Session with Colleen – $150
45 min available anywhere!


How do distant CTA sessions work? There are several factors involved:

1) The Grids – There are several grids available to us that carry a certain frequency and all interrelate with one another (Crystal Grid, Christ Consciousness Grid, Magnetic Grid, etc) the grids are a bio-energetic communication system carrying various frequencies throughout the universe. We are always connected, but connecting with intention and directing the energy through these grids is key to a distance session.

2) The Crystal body – There are crystals in and around the Pineal Gland that ‘awaken’ or come to life when receiving pulses of certain light waves. These crystals become transmitters to higher levels of consciousness and psychic planes, activating your Source Matrix.

3) The GEM Body – The Geoelectromagnetic body is us in pure sound wave form. Fractal in nature, we are pure vibration. When doing a distant activation the GEM body is put into a counter rotating spin which opens the portal for the LIGHTbody to enter physical form. This, of course, sets the stage for personal evolution in all areas of your life.

Get activated today!!!