About Colleen

ColleenColleen Morgan is an incredible spirit having an amazing human experience. Her healing journey began in 1990. Over the last two decades, she has acquired certifications in several modalities including EMF Balancing and Spiritual Psychology. She is also a Rebirthing Facilitator who has studied the Human Energy Field through the work of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Barbara Brennan, among other accredited teachers.

In 2009 she embraced learning a new modality – the Pineal Gland Activation work as taught by Steve Rother of Lightworker. Since then she has expanded the work and developed the Cranial Temple Activation™ (CTA). In 2010, Colleen had performed over 200 activations and certified 100 practitioners to share this ground-breaking modality in the United States. CTA assists us in creating The New Human Template™.

“The work surrounding the Pineal Gland and Cranial Temple intrigued me due to the scientific proof that our Pineal is evolving. With science backing the crystal phenomenon, I felt strongly that we should begin to support this process and empower ourselves to tap into the energy line that is opening up.”

Activating the Pineal has assisted many in becoming a clearer channel to their higher selves. This in turn leads to a life filled with peace, abundance, unity, empowerment and direction. The activation of these crystals, located in the Pineal Gland, is a large step in the advancement of humanity and human communication in the future. Individual activation can be felt in many areas of life as the person feels empowered to hear their own inner spirit more clearly and experience the associated healing of the body and mind.

In 2009 Colleen founded The Spirit of Light with the primary intention of supporting the highest levels of Consciousness and Evolution. In her practice, she engages in protocols to enhance personal growth, spiritual development and the energetic work which supports Self Mastery. Her passion has drawn her to study Quantum Physics, DNA Activation, Child Psychology, Non-Violent Communication and “The New Children.”

Colleen will bring her body of work to cities around the U.S. as well as to sacred sites here and abroad. She invites you to ride this wave of expansion with her and her Spirit of Light team.